AMUCT came in to existence in 1985 as a sole comprehensive body of college teachers of undivided Dakshina Kannada and Coorg under the jurisdiction of Mangalore University. The Association of Mangalore University College Teachers (AMUCT) being a registered body was formed with a twin objective of protecting the interest of the college teachers and promoting the cause of higher education.

After twenty five years of its formation, it can be irrefutably claimed that AMUCT has done a yeomen service to realize both the stated objectives. The organization has strived to uphold the dignity and decorum of the profession of teaching and also contributed for the enhancement of quality of education in every possible way. Teaching profession has once again started attracting the talented youth and the role of AMUCT in improving the service conditions of teaching profession is in no small measure. Dakshina kannada being almost 100% in literacy level, has been recognized as a hub of higher educational opportunities and activities in the national map. Dakshina kannada is also noted as a region with higher human index level. This type of higher educational culture has added academic dimension to the functioning of AMUCT. AMUCT has also lent a greater support to the teacher movement at the national and state level by getting affiliated to All India Federation of University and College Teachers Organisation (AIFUCTO) and Federation of University and College Teachers in Karnataka (FUCTAK).

Objectives of AMUCT

Major Achievements: