(NOV 30-DEC 2, 2013)


2nd December 2013

The AIFUCTO in its statutory conference held at Mangalore from 30th November to 2nd December 2013 deliberated at length the 12th five year plan and the present education scenario in India, and expressed its deepest concern over the anti – people, anti – labour, anti – employees policies of the government of India leading to utter chaos. Further, it strongly condemned the passage of the new pension scheme in the parliament by the Government of India, using the confusion prevailing in the parliament and the timing of the approaching elections, is trying to pass several anti – teacher, anti – student bills pending before the parliament.
To cite an instance, the government of India has decided to demolish even the existing public funded colleges, converting it into universities and awarding degree giving status to several autonomous colleges much against the wishes of the public at large. The committee formed for this purpose has hastily issued a public notice giving only 15 days notice to make comprehensive amendments in the UGC Act 1956. Further, the government of India has not solved any of the professional demands of the teachers either. The corruption and arrogance are at the peak.
In these circumstances, the AIFUCTO in its Mangalore conference has decided to launch campaign for

1) Inclusive quality education
2) Strengthening public funded education
3) Inclusion of all categories of teachers in the UGC pay scale framework
4) To work for academic reforms so that inter disciplinary, trans disciplinary and cross disciplinary education and research may be encouraged
5) To work for better administration of higher education throughout the country in which accountability of the educational administrator for their actions must be ensured and demand for democratic governance of academic institutions in all shades of administration
6) We demand filling of all the vacant posts on regular basis and creation of new posts in aided sector and self financing courses
7) To work for making more space available for publication of quality research papers at the university, state and national level
8) To oppose anti - public education bills pending in the parliament and neo – liberalization
9) We demand for the appointment of qualified academicians to the post of vice chancellor irrespective of his/her teaching background in college or university
10) AIFUCTO demands implementation of uniform CAS benefits from the due dates and roll out of API schemes after modifications in the amended UGC regulations 2013. Till then, CAS be given on the basis of old UGC regulations
11) AIFUCTO demands immediate release of arrears to teachers arising out of 6th pay revision.
12) We demand implementation of principle of equal wages for equal work.
13) AIFUCTO demands assured pension for all
14) We demand parity of DPE’s / librarians with teachers
15) AIFUCTO demands to immediately set up a National commission for education
16) AIFUCTO demands immediate withdrawal of performance based funding under RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchittar Shiksha Abhiyan)
17) To work for solidarity with other movements fighting against privatization and corporatization
18) AIFUCTO demands its participation in decision making process regarding educational planning
19) To forge unity of teacher’s organizations of primary, secondary and higher education
20) To work for better working conditions for the teachers so that minimum basic infrastructural facilities maybe provided to every teacher so that he/she can teach and do research in conducive atmosphere
21) We demand six percent of the GDP must be spent on education

The campaign will take the form of organizing meetings in every unit of AIFUCTO, state level meetings, seminars, and the creation of national platform to highlight the emerging issues.

Further, it decided to prepare relevant documents at the state and national levels. The initiatives already undertaken by AIFUCTO will be further consolidated with regular interaction with central university leadership.
To highlight the above issues, the statutory conference has decided to mobilize teachers across the country and organize a rally at Delhi during the upcoming budget session of parliament.
The AIFUCTO conference congratulated veteran scientist Professor CNR Rao and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on receiving the Bharat Ratna award. The conference also congratulated the organizers, AMUCT and FUCTAK, especially Professor A M Narhari, the conference chairman, for excellent organization of the XXVII conference of AIFUCTO at Mangalore

Asok Barman                                                                                                 Tarun Patra
General Secretary                                                                                            President

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