Dr Vishala B K, Selection Grade Librarian, St Agnes College (Autonomous), is the proud recipient of the award ‘Outstanding Community Leader’ for the year 2020, instituted by the ‘The International Institute for Public Policy’, popularly known as IIPP Mangaluru, a wholly-owned family organization designed to promote the societal and entrepreneurial spirit in Mangaluru, India with a sole purpose of encouraging the local talents and enthusiasts with a view to create added enthusiasm in the local community.


IIPP is indeed proud to select Dr Vishala as ‘Outstanding Community Leader’ of Mangaluru for the year 2019-2020 because she has given her exceptional knowledge on all affairs pertaining to the library especially over the past 12 months when the library has been expanded to a tenfold fashion to meet the student demand. In a fact changing society where student education is considered very essential, the existence of a full-fledged Library is considered to be very valuable. St Agnes College strives to provide a wide variety of educational benefit to the community of Mangaluru. Dr Vishala with her extensive knowledge in the library affairs and the St Agnes College want to provide the very best of knowledge to their students with the help of a fully established library.
AMUCT congratulates her for the outstanding achievement