Dr Sylvia Rego, Associate Professor from the Department of English, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore,  has been awarded a PhD by Mangalore University for her thesis entitled ‘Indian Women Autobiographers of the Nationalist Period – A Gender Analysis’.

She was guided by Professor Kishori Nayak K, chair person  of English Dept,Mangalore University . It is an exploration of the multiple ways in which women who dared to take up the pen through their autobiographical writings constructed and fashioned their narrative selves against the backdrop of the emerging nationalism in the late nineteenth and early century Maharashtra. 
The entwining discourses of patriarchy, caste, evangelism and nationalism that influenced the lives and writings of women are analysed here to trace the emergence of a proto-feminist consciousness therein. The sculpting of the ‘New Woman’ in response to the denigration of natives by the colonial regime was simultaneously used by these women to craft their own personhood, or rather, to ‘imagine’ it through a narrativisation of their lives by indigenising the genre of autobiography. They use various strategies to encode complex and submerged meanings that can be read as ‘performative’. 

 Dr Sylvia Rego has been teaching in St Aloysius College for the past 22 years