Feb 28, 2013 : The recent circular issued by the department of collegiate education on the workload of subjects with practicals has stirred up a hornet’s nest. Many science teachers are worried that the interpretation (Misinterpretation?) of the workload of science teachers will dislocate the teaching –learning of subjects with practicals.


In this regard, FUCTAK had a meeting with the Hon’ble Commissioner on 28-2-13. FUCTAK General Council had a detailed discussion on the issue on the same day. The workload issue has been discussed from all angles and ultimately FUCTAK decided that the acceptable workload pattern is 16 hours for subjects without practicals and 20 hours for subjects with practicals as a policy at the state level.The meeting with the Commissioner Dr.ChannappaGowda was held in a cordial manner. The nearly two- hour meeting discussed the issue at length. On behalf of FUCTAK, Dr.A.M.Narahari, Prof.Murigendrappa, Prof.K.M.Nagaraj, KGCTA President Prof. T.M.Manjunath, KGCTA Secretary Prof.Bhagyavan, Dr. Satanur of GUPCTA, Prof.Sangapur of KUCTA, Dr.Ramachandrappa of BUCTA andother s participated. The presentation was made by Dr.A.M.Narahari.It was explained that the GO on 1996 UGC Pay scales issued in 1999 has clearly explained the workload pattern which has been implemented in the entire state. 20 Hrs should be taken as direct teaching hours without specifying minimum for theory. In fact, at the national level also it is taken as direct teaching hours. The GO on revised UGC Scales from 1-1-2006 mentions the workload as 16 and 14 Hrs for Associate Professors and Assistant professors respectively. However, the workload pattern in the state is still on the basis of 1996 pay scale order. It was clearly brought out that the circular issued by the directorate cannot be implemented as it is illogical and impractical.

FUCTAK Office bearers told the commissioner that if implemented the entire science education system in the state will be adversely affected and many lecturers including management appointed temporary teachers in aided colleges will lose their jobs. FUCTAK assured that it will not interfere in those where there are irregularities or wrong interpretations are made.

The Commissioner gave a patient hearing and promised that he would not take any hasty decision in this regard. He will seek clarification from the UGC. Moreover, he will peruse all the orders and circulars in this regard and then would call the Office bearers of FUCTAK for discussion and finalization in the next 2-3 weeks. The Chief Administrative Officer Mr.Basavarajendrappa was also present.

The said circular has been removed from the official website of collegiate education.

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