List of members to be felicitated during AMUCT AGM. If you come across discrepancy in the list kindly inform AMUCT  President, Dr Norbert Lobo. 




Sl No




Dr  A Sridhar

1.       Associate Professor and HOD of Physics, St Aloysius College,Mangalore, retired from service on November30, 2015. He served the institution for 37 years.


Mr  Dathathreya Rao

1.       Sociology of Dept Sacred Heart college-                                                                                  Madanthyar 35 years of service -                                                                                   Retired in November 2015.


Mr  Gopal                                    

Associate Professor of Economics, Sri  Dhavala College, Moodabidri, retired from service after attaining superannuation.


Mr  Indira Devi                                        

1.       Associate Professor and HOD, Dept. of Economics, Besant Women’s College, Mangaluru  retired from service on November 30, 2015 after serving the institution for 37 years.


Mr  K. Chandrashekar Shetty

1.       Retired Associate Professor History – Sri Sharadha College, Basrur,

  Date of Retirement : 30-09-2015



Mr  Narayana Badekillaya M      

Dhavala College Moodbidre , Associate Professor  of Commerce - 35 years


Dr  Nery Cornelio,    

 Principal, Milagres College, Kallianpur and Associate Professor of Political Science has retired  from service on 30th June 2016. 


Mr  Ronald Joseph Moras                   

Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics of St Mary's College,Shirva, retired from service on October 31 after serving for thirty years. AMUCT wishes him contented retired life.


Dr  S Ramakrishna                       

1.       Vijaya College Mulki  25 years of Service retired in October 15 ,2015


Mr Krishnamoorthy

1.       Poornaprajna College Udupi    -                                                                      No. Of years of service:  34



Mr M. L. Channakrishnaiah                    

1.       Vice -Principal and H.O.D of Political Science,  S.M.S. College Brahmavara 
Retired Recently after putting in 34 years of service.


Mr Padmavathi Badekillaya       

MGM College Udupi  - Associate Professor  of Commerce 35 years


Mr Purushotham Poojary B,                                 

Selection Grade Physical Director of Sri Gakarnanatheshwara College, Mangalore, retired from service after serving the institution for 28 years.


Mr Shiva Rao                                                     

Associate Professor of Physics , SDM College , Ujire, retired on July 31, 2015 after serving 37 years.


Dr Sulochana Narayan                           

Associate Professor and Principal, Besant Women’s college Mangaluru,  April 30, 2016. She served the institution for 29 years.


Mr Umesh Nayak P                                

Bhandarkars College , Kundapur,  Dept. Maths 25 years


Mr Vasantyha Shetty B                     

2.       Bhandarkars College,  - Dept. Commerce - 30 years



Dr  Manjula B.C. 

3.       ,Associate Professor & HOD of Economics,     St Agnes College, Mangaluru, retired after attaining superannuation. She served the institution for 37 years.


Ms Elsie Tharien,    

4.       Associate Professor & HOD of Psychology,      St Agnes College, Mangaluru, retired from service after serving the institution for 34 years


Ms Keerthi Devi S ,

5.       Associate Professor and Head of the Dept. of Sanskrit, Besant Women’s College, Mangaluru, retired on January 31, 2016. She served the institution for 35 years.


Ms Sumangala L                                 

1.       Nehru Memorial College, Sullia

 Associate Professor 34 years of service



Dr  Veronica Judith Carlo

6.        Assistant Professor of Hindi, St Aloysius College Mangaluru, retired on February 29, 2016 after attaining superannuation. She served the institution for 25 years.


Rev  Fr Francis Almeida,

7.       Associate Professor of Political Science, St Aloysius Evening College, Mangaluru, retired from service on May 31, 2016






Ph. D Holders


Dr  Anasuya D Karkera

9.        Asst Professor of Hindi , Vijaya College, Mulki, has been awarded the Ph D degree on her topic ‘Alka Sinha ka Katha Sahity- Vivid Ayaam’ by Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha, Dharwad in 2016


Dr  Flossy Rayappan,

10.   Physical Director of School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, has been awarded Ph D degree for her topic                ‘’ Isolated and combined effect of yogic and Pranayama practices on selected physiological psychological immunological variables among HIV infected persons’ by Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University in 2015.


Dr  Jyothi Miranda

Associate professor Dept of Botany St. Aloysius college , “Ecology, Heavy metal toxicity and Bioremediation Potential of Selected Microalgae” by Mangaluru University



Dr Ajaz Ahmed

12.    Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Sri Mahaveera College, Moodbidri has been awarded Ph.D. degree from the Dravidian University, Kuppam for the thesis “Impact of Shopping Malls on Unorganized Retail Sector: A Case Study of Mangalore Region” under the guidance of Dr. P. Sureshramana Mayya, Professor of Commerce, MGM College, Udupi.


Dr Basthyam Pais

St Philomina College Puttur  “Putturu Kendrada Samskrutika Chatuvatikegalu ondu Adhyayana” Hampi University



Dr Mohananarayana

13.   Ph.D degree is awarded to Prof. Mohananarayana , Principal of SDM College, Ujire,  by Dravida University, Kuppam 


Dr Mohith Suvarana

14.   Associate Professor of History Gokarantheshwara College, Mangaluru awarded Ph.D in Sociology for his thesis “ Study of Elites among Billavas of Dakshina Kannada District. He is also her Managing Trustee of Amuct Trust.


Dr Shailaja Y.U.


Associate Professor of Kannada, Vijaya College, Mulki
awarded Ph.D in Kannada by Mysore University for her
Thesis “ Hallegannada Sahityhadalli Pragathipara
Chinthane” in January 2016.



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