Norbert Lobo, Head of the Department of Economics, St. Aloysius College, now guides four researchers under Tumkur University. But Mr. Lobo cannot guide researchers under Mangalore University.

Like Mr. Lobo, there are many doctorate degree holding teachers in undergraduate colleges of Mangalore University, who cannot guide researchers under the university.


This is because the university has not identified any doctorate degree-holding teachers in degree colleges under its jurisdiction as guides, in the absence of a policy on the topic.

“It is a long-pending demand of the Association of Mangalore University College Teachers (AMUCT). But the university is not ready to give up its monopoly, citing some silly reasons,” said Mr. Lobo, who is also the president of AMUCT.

Ummappa Poojary P., a former president of AMUCT and an Associate Professor of Commerce, said some private universities like Manipal University, Yenepoya University and State universities like Kannada University, Hampi and Tumkur Universities have identified some senior doctorate degree-holding college teachers of Mangalore University as guides. But Mangalore University had not come out of its traditional mindset, he said.


Mangalore University cited reasons such as lack of adequate books in library, a well-equipped laboratory and absence of research centres in colleges as reasons for not recognising degree college teachers as guides, they said.

They said that many teachers who had obtained their doctorate degree from Mangalore University had to refer to books in other universities and research institutes, because the university library did not have them. I

n such a scenario, the university could not point fingers at the libraries of degree colleges.


It is not easy for private college managements to set up research centres like universities do, as it requires huge funding.

But the university could recognise eligible teachers as guides, they said.

Purushothama K.V., a former general secretary of the association, said that with many tools of information technology now available, knowledge and reference materials could be gathered from many sources.

Mr. Lobo said that every vice-chancellor the AMUCT met promised to look into the matter, but did nothing.


P.S. Yadapadithaya, Registrar (administration), Mangalore University, told The Hindu that the process of identifying individual guides and research centres in colleges would start next month. The colleges and teachers would have to apply to the university for it.

The State Higher Education Council has asked universities to examine this specific demand of degree college teachers.

Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University K. Byrappa said that degree college teachers in two constituent colleges of the university would be recognised next month.

After five months, it would be extended to other private and government-aided private colleges, he said.


 Courtesy: the Hindu, Novembe 26, 2014




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