Mangalore, April 22, 

A meeting of the FUCTAK Office Bearers was convened by the Principal Secretary of Higher Education on April 21 in Bangalore to review the aftermath of the  recent circular by the Department of Collegiate Education. The meeting was attended by the Commissioner, Director, Additional Director and other Officials from the department

On behalf of the Federation Dr A.M Narahari initiated the discussion by presenting a brief feedback on the recent gazette notification and the circular issued by the dept based on this regarding the issue of notional increment and its interpretation. He put forward the concerns and objections of the teaching community  against the Act in general and the  circular issued  based on this Act. He expressed the fact that the interpretation of the Act by the department of Collegiate Education has  created anxiety and will affect the morale and working conditions of over 1500 staff both teaching and non-teaching across the state. Besides it may also lead to further complications to many other  staff who have entered the service on various grounds.  The authorities have linked the issue with the payment of  already sanctioned  DA and other arrears, UGC arrears as well as the salary for the month of March 2014. Dr Bhaskara,( BUCTA)  Dr Sangapur,(KUCTA) Dr Raju ( MUPCTA) , Dr Sathanoor (GUPTA) Mr Jayaprakash ( TUCTA) and Dr Norbert Lobo(AMUCT) also expressed their concerns and appealed the Principal Education Secretary to keep in abeyance the said circular and release the salary of March and also the DA arrears). They also requested to implement the order only for those educational institutions which were started after June 1, 1995.  

   After listening to the delegation the Higher Education Secretary requested Dr AM Narahari to give the objections and proposals of the teaching community  in writing so that the whole issue could be reconsidered. 

He also assured the following: 

-  Salary for the month of March will be released immediately and the UGC arrears will be given very soon. 

- DA arrears as well as UGC arrears will not be linked with this matter 

- He directed the officials to redraft a new circular considering the whole issue afresh in the light of the Act. 

- On teachers redeployment the secretary assured that around 500 teachers who have been deputed to various colleges will be retained in the parent institution by adding new combination to the aided subject and thus increasing the work load. Colleges are required to send their proposals in this regard.    

He also said that  Principals posts in the grant - in - aid college will be filled as per the  new regulations of UGC. Therefore proposals may be sent to the department  and the same be approved with consent of Finance Department. 

Matters related to API were discussed and the commissioner assured to verify the sudden display of PBAS format and promised to publish the comprehensive format prepared by the committee appointed by the Commissioner  soon.

 To the issue of granting incentive increments to Ph.D holders, The Principal Secretary assured that it will be granted as soon as the Finance Dept clears the proposal.

 The  matters related to the Office of Joint Director in Mangalore Region  were also discussed with the Principal Secretary  Commissioner and Director and Additional Director of Collegiate education. All of them have assured to solve the issue as early as possible.

 Mr Murigendrappa , President of FUCTAK who  actively participated in the deliberations thanked the  Officials   for their interest and support  in solving teacher’s issues.  

Before this meeting, Federation members met at BUCTA office to discuss the same issue.  In all these meetings, AMUCT  was represented by Dr A.M. Narahari, Former President, Dr Ummappa Poojary, Former President , Dr Denis Fernandes, Editor of the Bulletin and. Dr Norbert Lobo , President. 



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