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A meeting of the Learders of FUCTAK was called by the Minister of Higher Education at Karntaka State Higher Education Council Conference Hall on July 22, 2014. At 9.30 am. 

The government was represented by Dr.Rajneesh Goel, Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department, Sri Nandakumar, Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Dr.B.L.Bhagyalakshmi, Director, Additional Director, Joint Director and Other officials.
FUCTAK was led by president sri C.H.Murigendrappa, Sri K.M.Nagaraj, General Secretary and presidents and office bearers of affiliated units including KGCTA.
Dr.A.M.Narahari was the chief spokes person of FUCTAK assisted by other office bearers. Dr.Norbert Lobo, President, represented AMUCT.


The meeting was conducted by Sri R.V.Deshpande, Hon’ble Higher Education Minister. 
 In a major departure from the normal tradition of FUCTAK initiating the discussion, The Higher Education Minister initiated the discussion with the active participation of the Principal Secretary and The Commissioner. The Minister was bit defensive clearly admitting that some of the just demands have not been fulfilled in spite of three official meetings held earlier.
 It was very strongly brought to the notice of the honorable Minister that FUCTAK is deeply disappointed that no concrete progress was made even though the Minister had assured that teachers should get their due and steps will be taken in this regard
UGC Arrears: The Minister was told in no uncertain terms that the teachers cannot wait anymore as the scheme of 2006 was implemented in 2009 and arrears have not been paid even in 2014. The Minister categorically assured that the share of Karnataka Government will be released at the time of vote on account which will take place shortly. One of the office Bearers of FUCTAK will be appointed as a special officer with powers to represent the state government with the Center. The department will extend all possible cooperation in this regard. Mr.Bhagyavan Mudigowdra, The General Secretary of KGCTA was designated as the special officer and he will take charge for initiating necessary follow up action to get the reimbursement from the Central Government. He was also authorized to look into the HRMS system to avoid delay in salary payment to the aided colleges.
Notional Increment Issue: It was vociferously brought to the notice of the Minister that what the department is doing is totally unjustified. There cannot be any re-fixation of the increments already extended. When the Government is thinking in terms of extending notional increment benefit to those higher secondary and primary teachers who were not given the benefit, the efforts of the department in re-fixing the salary is illogical and not acceptable. The Minister announced that a final decision will be taken in the meeting with the members of the Legislative Council on 28-07-2014 and suitable amendment may be suggested for amending the Act so that there is no re-fixation of salary which has been fixed by extending notional increments. The Minister announced that no further action should be taken by the Collegiate Department till a final decision is taken in this regard.
UGC Anomalies: The Minister asked the Principal Secretary to look into each of such issue raised by the FUCTAK and appropriate Orders are to be issued within the next 24-48 hours. The issues relating to step-up, API, Ph.D incentive increments, Principals’ post, etc. should be addressed in a time bound manner.
Filling Up of Vacancies: The Minister assured that government will request the Finance department to fill up approximately 3000 vacancies in aided colleges. About 1250 vacancies will be filled up in government colleges during this academic year.
Government College Transfers: The Minister accepted the demands of KGCTA that the transfers will be made through counseling and it will be kept at the minimum. The Principals already posted will not be disturbed. He gave the direction in this regard to the Commissioner. The Minister also directed that at least 50% of the post of the principals may be filled up on the basis of seniority and the remaining on the basis of UGC specification.
Quality Improvement in Colleges: The Hon’ble Minister asked FUCTAK to give its proposals in writing for quality enhancement in colleges and he will convene an exclusive meeting to discuss only those issues.
 The Minister asked the Principal Secretary and the Commissioner to continue the meeting and come out with appropriate solutions with regard to the demands raised by FUCTAK. He assured FUCTAK that the Government will be sincere in responding to FUCAK demands.



After the Minister left, the meeting continued under the chairmanship of the Principal Secretary. The issues were discussed in detail and some solutions emerged in addition to the decisions already taken concerning UGC arrears and Notional increment issue.

• The members raised serious concern with regard to linking the regular salary payment with many extraneous issues. It was demanded that DA arrears should be released as it is not linked to notional increment issue. The Commissioner assured that he will do the needful.
The Ph.D incentive increment issue was discussed in detail. The issue of those who got the compoundable increment benefit up to 24-12 -2009, those who got such benefit for a short period and then it got merged with their pay-fixation and those who should have got 3 non compoundable increments after 24-12-2009. It was clearly explained that the AG’s office had accepted the the clarification given by the higher education department regarding compoundable and non-compoundable increment benefits and accordingly the pay-fixation was made. There is no need to re-fix such a benefit already extended with illogical arguments. The question of calculating the increment at Rs.420 does not arise as such a scheme was not in existence after 1-1-2006. Now the issue to extend 3 non-compoundable increments after 24-12 -2009.
The Principal Secretary after carefully listening to all points of view announced that he will issue an Order within 24 hours with regard to extending 3 non-compoundable increments for those eligible after 24-12-2009. However, with regard to other issues he asked the department to make a proposal to him and he will take appropriate action after examining it. Till then the department will not move to re-fix or recover the increments already given.
• The necessary Orders will be issued regarding the API so that placements can be given without any further delay. The request of KGCTA to give the placements under the earlier scheme up to 2010 as number is very small.
• The department agreed to re-examine the issue of stepping-up and to come out with necessary clarifications very soon.
Filling up of the posts of Professors in colleges was discussed and the Principal Secretary informed that the FD concurrence is necessary as the GO mentions of creating the posts of professors in colleges. The proposal will be made to FD.
Amendment to C & R rules was discussed in detail. The legal development in this regard was also discussed. FUCTAK demanded that college teachers should be considered as “A” Grade and seniority list should be prepared accordingly. The Principal Secretary assured to re-examine the issue.
• Principal Secretary assured the transfers through counseling will be kept at the minimum and suitable amendment will be made to the transfer rules.
• The Principal Secretary accepted the suggestion that the Joint Director should not be posted to the same region from where he/she was working.
• The Commissioner assured that soon the meeting of Joint Directors will be convened to give clear directions on all these issues.
• Principal Secretary informed that the aided college may make proposals directly to him for combing the unaided work load with aided work load in case there is deficiency of aided work load. 
The meeting which started at 9.25a.m was concluded at 12.30 pm.
Later in the afternoon, FUCTAK delegation had further discussions with the Commissioner and the Director on many of these issues which helped to clear confusions on issues like Notional increments, DA & placement arrears, salary disbursement, etc.

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