With this General Body Meeting AMUCT completes 30 years of its existence. It is a great achievement of  the Teachers Movement in this part of the country.  There were two organisations before AMUCT came into existence; one had its headquarters at Udupi and the other in Mangalore. The teacher leaders of that time firmly believed in the principle "Unity is Strength" and made every effort to bring them under one banner, AMUCT. Since then AMUCT has remained a non-political organisation taking only teachers issues in its course of action, even though its members have been sympathisers of different political parties. This has brought a good name and fame to this organisation since its inception.

When compared to the other teacher organisations of the state, it is a small body with just 35 aided colleges. But it has rendered yeoman’s service to the teaching community of Mangalore University jurisdiction. When it comes to the issue of  justice to teachers as well as students, it never hesitated to shoulder the responsibility. On several occasions its members held dharnas and demonstrations in front of the offices of the departments of  higher education and University. There were attempts to snub the activities of AMUCT by threatening the members, forcing them to give up the membership, instigating the teachers to start a rival organisations and filing case against it so that its registration would be cancelled. However, AMUCT stood against all these odds.

AMUCT Members are generous enough to contribute so that it would get a permanent premises in the heart of the city of Mangalore.  There is no lapse in the membership. That is the unique feature of this organisation. It is because of this,  it took up a huge responsibility of organising the All India Statutory Conference of AIFUCTO in 2013. It was a grand success. The members contributed and volunteered generously for its success. This was one among the best conferences held so far in India. It brought recognition to AMUCT at the national level. AMUCT office bearers became consultants for the successive conferences held after this at national level.

AMUCT never lagged behind in academic matters. Whenever the changes were brought in academic circle, it took up the issues for broader discussion.  It never hesitated to submit teachers concerns or suggestions on these issues to the University or Higher Education Department of Government of Karnataka. It made significant contribution in the implementation of Semester system in Mangalore University. When CBCS  was announced by the Ministry of HRD, AMUCT took this up in 2015 and organised a day’s workshop to study the pros and cons of this system. Moreover, every year AMUCT organises Convention on Higher Education and invites eminent speakers to share their expertise in this field.

Leadership in AMUCT was never competitive but cooperative and accommodative. Those who led the AMUCT in the past have done great service to the teaching community. These teacher leaders dedicated their entire time and energy for the welfare of teachers. A few AMUCT leaders are able to give leadership at national as well as at state level. This is a great honour to AMUCT.  In the past four years Dr Norbert Lobo’s leadership has brought credit to AMUCT at National Level. The organisation of AIFUCTO Conference under his leadership accommodated and managed over 2000 delegates of all over India in a small city of Mangalore. During his tenure AMUCT  has used modern technology such as website and whatsapp extensively through which communication was quick and inexpensive. When he lays down his office of the president, AMUCT wishes him all the best and also expects his expertise in the future. AMUCT expects new dynamic leadership with new ideas and vision to lead it to  further heights in teacher movement.


Long Live Teacher Movement

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